Transparent SEO Campaigns

Looking for an SEO provider with proven ability?

Hi, i’m Dean Cruddace and I have been working as a search marketer with a focus on SEO since 2001.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the marketing discipline of removing technical SEO barriers within your website so search engines can crawl, index, categorise and return that relevant content for their users search queries. Creating easy to use websites, creating an information architecture that makes sense, making it easy to understand exactly what you offer within seconds of landing on a page within your website..

Simplified, it means giving a search engine’s users the best results for their searches.

Content Development & Link Building and the concentration on the quality of both is the foundation of all successful SEO campaigns. This makes it easier for search engines to return the best result for the search query.

To understand the many different paths through your website a user can take when they are looking for your products or services. There are 4 key areas to every successful SEO campaign;

  1. Acquisition – Where is your traffic coming from?
  2. Behaviour – Are your newly acquired visitors finding what they came to your website for?
  3. Conversions – Are your visitors easily completing your forms or buying your products?
  4. Measure – Are you measuring all of the above? How can it be improved?

Do I have the SEO experience you are looking for?

I have worked in pretty much every guise that an SEO possibly could, I have been a;

  • Freelance SEO consultant
  • White label SEO consultant
  • Agency SEO Consultant
  • Remote SEO Consultant
  • In-house SEO consultant

I have previously worked with every type of business from startup through to established businesses large and small, taking many from a standing start to becoming profitable eCommerce sites through to regular lead generation sites.

About F.ound Digital Limited

F.ound Digital exists as a place for businesses of all sizes to utilise my knowledge, either hands on fixing all of the recommendations that are highlighted or working closely with your developers to implement changes. Changes that lead to better organic visibility for your brand. Ultimately it exists as a service with SEO ability and agility in mind, I have a personal loathing of bullshit & fluffy presentations and instead prefer good honest hard work and transparency and understanding of everything I do.

Have I worked within your industry?

I have worked across many industries and on hundreds of websites for eCommerce & Lead Generation since 2001.

Are there industries that I have not worked in?

Yes, there are a few that I just will not work within, which includes “get rich quick”, “adult”, “magic pills” & “Payday Loans” websites. Not to say I am not aware of the techniques they use, I am fully aware, I personally just choose not to work on those type of sites.

Full transparency in every task?

The biggest asset that I offer as an SEO is transparency in every task that I undertake or recommend to be implemented for your business. Every task is timed to the nearest 15 minutes and is explained so you know what, how & why it is being recommended. All of the tasks that I tailor to your business are laid out for a minimum of 6-months in advance. Yes I really do plan hundreds of hours of tasks in advance & from month 1 they are proactive tasks that I have identified that will make a difference to your business.

Want to talk to current & past clients?

I am more than happy to put you in touch with current or past clients before you make any decision to work with me or my team, I do have the confidence in their testimonial of my working practice & ability.

Talk directly to those working on your campaign

In many agencies the length & breadth of the world you will be introduced to and channeled through “account managers”. Not with F.ound Digital, you will be introduced to and you get to speak directly to all of those that will be working on your SEO campaign before it even begins.

The agility of F.ound Digital means I have developed a remote team of trusted and vastly experienced marketers from copywriters, link builders, web developers, web designers, graphic designers, Paid Search marketers & every other discipline you could think of within the digital world. If it is going to make a difference to your SEO campaign or if another channel will benefit or compliment our SEO campaign together I will recommend it.

Why a remote team?

The talent pool can be very small if the focus is within 1 geographical region, we are in the digital age, it makes perfect sense to have the very best irrespective of where they are in the world.