Email Marketing

It’s not the 90s anymore, not everyone is going to open every email they now receive. Why?

Content, by choice your content consumers, your clients, your customers already love what you do. Some are neither of those yet, they may be hanging on for discount codes, and that’s okay as well. Even here we must skim a few hundred emails per week and drop them into the spam or junk folder. Why? Because more than likely we never asked for that email.

There are better reasons to open emails, and having opted in to what you sell, or offer as a service is the main reason I am going to open your emails. I am going to continuing opening emails because I love what you do. In exchange though you’re not going to bombard me daily where your only change is another 25 SKUs with 1.2% off.

We have the experienced email marketers here that have sliced, diced, segmented & measured opens, CTRs, the demographic & the whole shebang til they knew the right level of send and content to include.

Let us be your email marketers.

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