Fun Stuff

Just some of the fun stuff I am either working on or have abandoned. They are all for sale for £1m GBP, feel free to tweet me to make an offer closer to your budget.

  • Love Found Here – Natural Language Form
  • Domain Buyers Rehab – dumb site with certificates & playing around with JavaScript
  • Random Matt – Playing around with JavaScript & JQuery
  • Link Builder – My first Alexa Skills app for the Amazon Echo, the 1st of its kind for link building facts
  • OAP Ninja – This was designed to be a JavaScript game of hide & seek to see how much Search Engines really were indexing. A load of SEOs adopted it as a game & even added it as part of an interview process.
  • Measurement Protocol – I needed to find a way of measuring connected devices (#IoTs) and send that data to Google Analytics. The result was measuring how often the stairs in my home were used over a period of a year.

I also have a more controlled list of about 40 domains (i’m cutting down) that are part of either testing environments or confirmation sites that I use to make sure the SEO best practices I am recommending really are still effective.